Plus Size Maternity Clothing

Embrace Your Curves

Hello Beautiful curvy ladies! Today we would like to talk to you about one of the most beautiful periods of life that some of you are already experiencing – pregnancy. As you might know already, pregnancy can be a little tricky for the plus sized ladies. They tend to become more self-conscious and get the urge to wear black baggy clothes. While they are comfortable, we think that besides feeling great while carrying your baby you should also look great. And, you’ve certainly come to the right place to learn how to do it. Congratulations, you will be bringing a tiny human into this world, and you will look absolutely gorgeous while carrying your baby – after you read our awesome tips.

Embrace Maternity clothes

Many of you have a certain idea when it comes to maternity clothes and that is that you don’t need maternity clothes. Why buy maternity clothes when you can wear what you want, just a size or two larger? We don’t deny it, it’s a solution, but not a very good solution. Maternity clothes are designed in a special way, they have special proportions that get into consideration things like shoulder space, and many more little tweaks that can make a huge difference. They are designed to be more comfortable and comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to pregnancy.

Extra tip: Just because maternity clothes are a better fit for pregnancy that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your favorite shops. Ask them, even if they don’t have any maternity clothes in the store, they might have a maternity line and show you a catalog of it. You never know until you ask!

The Fabric of the clothes matters!

When it comes to pregnancy and fashion, it is very important to pick the right fabric. Bulky or tightly woven clothes are not comfortable at all, and they might not give you the comfort that your body needs. When it comes to materials think of soft, silk, spandex or lycra. They will often be the perfect fit, they stretch, they are comfortable and they sit on your body just right. They hug your gorgeous curves and give you a beautiful, defined look.

Say “no” to baggy clothes

You shouldn’t feel the need to hide behind baggy clothes ladies, you are already beautiful with all your curves and now your body will get another curve, the most beautiful one of all. While yes, baggy clothes provide comfort, please don’t hide behind them. Comfort is of utmost importance but you can look beautiful and be fashionable at the same time. You should strive to pick clothes that contain ruching or gathers in the fabric. That way you will not only have extra room for growth but you will also be camouflaging any areas that you might be feeling self-conscious about.

Accent the right things on your body

V-necks are your pregnancy friend ladies. They draw attention to the upper parts of your body, and they open your neck, shoulders, and face. Not only that but they give a longer line to your body. Comfy and a great sight for sure. Just don’t go too low-cut and you will look great!

Cute prints, but the right kind

One of the silliest things I hear is that plus-sized ladies shouldn’t wear colorful clothes. Colorful clothes are beautiful especially when you want to look as pretty as you feel joyful inside during your pregnancy. Colors and prints are a way to express the joy you are feeling and if you combine them right, they look equally good on everyone. Here are some things that you should watch out when it comes to your colorful outfits:

A great combination is when you add a bright color to an outfit with a scarf or a bag. That way you will look amazing and you will show off your beautiful curves!

Patterns can be your friends, for example, if you use a medium-sized design splashed over a scarf or a tank top under a jacket or a cardigan. But don’t go overboard with them, huge flowers or tiny floral prints might not look as great.

Length is everything!

Dresses and skirts are great and comfortable, but let us tell you a secret – the length is what matters! So when you will be looking for dresses and skirts you should focus on the ones that hit just at the knee. It’s a sweet spot for sure if you are shorter anything longer might make you look even shorter, and if you go a little higher, when you sit with your belly the fabric might go a little upwards and you might end up showing a bit too much leg. By choosing dresses and skirts that hit just at the knee you will look elegant and fashionable.

Belts can do the trick

If you have a dress that you absolutely feel comfortable in, it’s made from a great fabric but looks a bit shapeless and balloon-like, we have just the trick for you. Use ribbons and belts to add shape to it, just fasten it beneath your bust. Not only will you feel comfortable, but now you will accent your beautiful silhouette and curves. And don’t stop there, this little trick can be used with other clothes as well.

Accessories and Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, as your body grows in the pregnancy, the tiny pieces of jewelry that you wear might not shine in their full beauty on you. But not to worry, that only means you will get to experiment with new types of fashionable and modern types of jewelry. For example, choose dramatic jewelry and don’t stop there. You can even choose dramatic scarves and handbags that can tweak your look and create a well-balanced look that accents your beautiful silhouette.

We hope that with these tips we have given you the right direction in looking incredibly gorgeous in your plus-sized maternity clothes. Give your curves their well-deserved attention and love yourself and your body! It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and a great thing to teach your beautiful child when it comes to this world!

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