You could be cute if you lost weight.

You could be healthier if you lost weight.

You probably eat a lot of Taco Bell.

I have heard so many tips about weight loss and getting into shape I could write a book about it. But instead I will write this blog post instead. At the age of 34 I did finally start to take my weight loss journey seriously. With the help of my family, doctor, and a dietician I went from 285 lbs to 230 lbs in four months. What changed for me? I had a diabetes scare. Went in for a simple blood test to see how I was doing physically, and was warned that I was borderline pre diabetic. This was my wake up call. I started researching diabetes, and realized this is something I didn’t want and had the option to avoid.

I made the decision to make a change. I made the decision to stick with this change. I have tried weight loss products in the past, meal plans and support groups but I was ALWAYS failing in my weight loss journey. I would fall off and decide not to get back on.

How did I change that mind set? I had to learn that even if you have a bad day, a day where you binge on food and don’t exercise – DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. Instead start fresh again the next day.

It has now been over seven months since I’ve started trying to actively lose weight. I have had good weeks and I have had bad weeks, but I don’t beat myself up over it. It hasn’t been an easy journey at all. There have been days that

Getting Help

I am not doing this alone. My husband is my biggest support system. He exercises with me, changed his meal plan to meet my needs (with the exception of beer days, but that is a whole other story), and has been my biggest cheerleader. My family has been helping me as well from my mom to my sister in law (the doctor that originally ran the blood test). It is great to be surrounded by such an important support group.

We also hired a dietician that I visit once a month to weigh in and change my diet based on my nutritional needs and what I like and don’t like to eat. In the beginning her meal plan was a lot of soup, chicken, and vegetables. This was hard! I have a small following of friends that enjoy my meals and recipes. I had to change my recipes to match my needs. I did lose a lot of followers because of my food change, but I also gained followers that were looking for the same results I was. With them we built a great workout network (it’s hidden) on Facebook.


What I use to eat all the time

Healthier Food Decisions

Getting into the Grove

The weight didn’t magically fall off. I didn’t have a wand that I could wave and it was gone. I started out slow. Exercising for at least 10 minutes every other day. Doing wall push ups, because I was to weak to do modified push ups on the floor, eating better (not always right), and drinking lots of water and getting more sleep.

– Me and Cleo just finished a 3k jog and 30 minutes of circuit training. One hour total!

Sagging Skin!!!!

I knew when I started exercising I wanted to avoid sagging skin as much as possible. How did I do this?

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize!!!! Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion was recommend to me by several people that were also trying to lose weight and now I am recommending it to you!

Drink lots and lots of water. Add strength training to your workout process.

After you get out of the shower apply your lotion to your entire body. Before you go to bed apply your lotion. When you wake up apply your lotion. I also added a waist trimmer belt-postpartum postnatal.

Same concept! Losing weight just without the baby part.


I am currently 230 lbs and have gone from a size 24 to a size 16. My journey is by no means complete. My total weight loss goal is 175 lbs. I know from my past that I will always be a plus size figure. Even when I was 186 lbs I was a size 12. It is just the way my body is shaped (Thanks Dad!). I know the road is going to be filled with speed bumps. I mean Christmas just passed and I know I put on a few extra pounds. But I am not upset, the only thing that I can do is keep moving forward in my weight loss journey.

I plan to continue writing about how I am doing. Please leave your comments, suggestions, questions in the comment section below. Also if you’re interested in joining our secret fitness group please let me know in the comments section below as well.



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