Winter is here and with it so is the winter fashion. It is the season when many people tend to wear black clothes, coats or boots. With that being said, a lot of curvy ladies seem to think that this is the best season for them since they can hide their bodies under layers and layers of black clothes. Ladies, let me tell you, the only size that matters is the size of your heart. It’s time to match up that wonderful and colorful personality with a matching winter outfit. The thing to remember is, yes black clothes can make you look slimmer, but so can any other color of clothes do that for you if you know how to match them properly. It’s time to spread the holiday spirit onto your outfits, and ladies here are some tips on how to do this perfectly!

  1. Hoodies

There are days when all you want to do is feel comfortable. Yes, oversized hoodies are great, comfy and they can cover up the curves that you don’t feel like showing off today. But, it is our opinion that you shouldn’t let this grow into a habit. Show off your curves in all their magnificence and replace that hoodie with a cropped sweatshirt. And why you should try this? While a cropped sweatshirt offers the same comforts as a hoodie it also shows off your curves in a stylish way and looks completely gorgeous! Especially if you pair it up with the perfect skinny jeans.

  1. Cardigans

Winter is here and a lot of ladies think that ponchos are great. They hide the curves and yet they are colorful. But we urge you to stop hiding under your ponchos and trade them for an open cardigan. For example, if you wear skinny jeans in which you will tuck a tee, topping that with an open cardigan is the way to go. It shows your curves in all their majesty while giving you a well-balanced hourglass look.

  1. Sweaters

We have a great trick to share with you in this section. If you are wearing a sweater, the best way that you can accent your curves in the most trendy and beautiful way possible is if you tuck a little section of the front of the sweater in your jeans or skirt. This gives great definition to your waist and let’s be honest, it looks incredibly cool.

  1. Boots

In the winter, the most often thing that people will be seeing you in is your boots and coat. We advise you to have at least four types of boots, simply because they can very easily change the look you were intending to go for.

Extra Tip: A vast known issue with high boots is that sometimes you can’t tuck your jeans into the boot because the calf is too tight. But not to worry, you can simply search for boots that have a panel of the stretchy panel in the back. Stylish and comfortable, what more can you ask for ladies?


  1. Coats

Coats are a very important part of your winter clothing. A huge mistake is wearing a plain loose coat thinking that it will simply look better on you because you have curves. On the contrary, you shouldn’t allow your beautiful curves to be swallowed beneath a loose coat. Instead, wear a coat with a defined waist or a belted coat. It gives you a nice silhouette and we guarantee it will look astonishingly gorgeous on you!

With all these tips and directions, we hope that we have helped you to choose wonderful colorful outfits that give your curves the well-deserved loving attention they should get even in the winter months!

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